Sarita ma'am has inspired and motivated me throughout our course. She has brushed up my psychology and the sessions are always fun and interactive. She is a great guide and a friendly soul to communicate with. Studying with her is always easier and with her help i have shown quite a lot of improvement in my subject areas
Course - 12th
I enrolled for a month's course of IELTS general. It was an amazing learning experience. The amount of study materials and prep tests given to me were more than enough to Crack the test. I highly recommend
Romit Patel
Course - IELTS
Thank you for all of the time and attention you've given me. It made such a difference in my attitude and grades. I've changed in so many wonderful ways under your instruction. Listening, Reading,Writing and Speaking taught by in last moments helped me alot. Pursuing my studies Global MBA in UK(SHU) 2022 batch. I am truly grateful.
Samarth Shukla
Course - IELTS
Studying at Sarita Didi's class was a journey that started in Grade 9.  Sarita Didi is a great teacher. I started preparing with her for school a few days before it was about to start. She tutored me very well for the entire course before hand and strengthened my basics in all subjects first, then followed a well planned curriculum throughout the year. 
Nitant Padia
Course - IGCSE
I took up math as a subject because i lacked intuition in it, after studying at Aastha Academy math has become second nature of it
Dheer Dholu
Course - 12th
When I started studying in this tuition I think that I feeling to learn more and more. and yes I am feeling very comfortable for this tuition I also tell all my friend s about tuition that its very good don't waste your money on expensive classes come to my tuitions and try it once
Course - 8th
I needed hardcore support with my preparation with board examinations(ICSE), Sarita mam was the one who not only supported me with my flash pickup for the boards but provided me the comfort of studying due to which i was able to cope up with my exams, her teaching were fabulous, crystal clear, and made me understand everything in a way which was easily adaptable for me. I THANK HER TILL DATE
Prem Chauhan
Course - 12th Standard
Thank you Sarita ma'am for all of the time and attention you've given me. It made such a positive difference in my attitude and grades. Thank you for your lessons, they helped me a lot (especially on the speaking test) This excellent score is very much above my expectations within one month of preparation.
Prateek Goel
Course - IELTS
I have been taking classes with Teacher Sarita for about a year now and she makes studying much funner I am in the fifth standard and she always makes fun activities and anytime we need help she just helps us no matter how much we need like I I needed help on a math question and I asked all of them for her and she did not mind and she gives homework but not too much she doesn’t give too much if we don’t complete she will extend our class and she will always be so nice she doesn’t make things too much hard if this is too hard for us then she will switch and do something much easier and she takes double classes she takes online classes or takes offline. you can study any time with her I do according to dubai time and sometimes other students are also with me until she explains to us then she gives us a chance if we don’t do it correct then she will explain one more time
Filza Sheraz
Course - 5th standard
I’m in year 10, studying in Dubai (IGCSE) . I started learning from Sarita Miss. from the beginning of grade 10 and it has been almost a year now. I’ve been learning subjects including math, chemistry , biology, psychology and sociology from her. i had a lot of backlog in the beginning of the school year but she has helped me cover it all and reach a place where i fully understand my subjects and i am really glad for that.
Course - Year 10(IGCSE)
Sarita ma’am has been teaching me for about a year now. She has had an immense impact on my learning by helping me improve in maths and all three sciences. She has created an amazing learning space that feels safe, friendly, optimistic, interactive and motivating. I am really grateful to have her as my mentor. She is truly an inspiration!
Course - Year 10(IB Board)
I joined Aastha academy by Sarita ma'am. She helped me brush up my mathematics and psychology as well as she helped me with my science subjects cleared my doubts and made calculations so easy . She never let the stress bother me and always made the learning fun . A teachers job is just not clearing the concepts but also making a bond with the student , giving the child incentive to hold on and focus and making him feel that he's not alone in the battle of education and competition and that's exactly how Sarita ma'am has made me feel throughout that time . I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have a teacher like her .
Bhumika Shringi
Course - 12th
I stay in Wisconsin ! I have been studying science igcse from Sarita ma’am … it’s been a pleasure .. she is really a wonderful teacher !! She guides me makes me understand the concept thoroughly … she is just amazing … her way of teaching if friendly and very comfortable .. thank u ma’am so much for  guiding me
Course - IGCSE
Thank you for inspiring, motivating and guiding me. Got guided so well even in a shorter span of time. Thank you for making the classes fun to learn in and the sessions so interactive. I really appreciate the regular feedbacks I got on my assignments. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher!
Tanya Khemani
Course - IELTS
I wanted to thank Sarita Mam for her teaching, finally i got cleared in IELTS with good band score. I didn't had any hopes after failing twice in IELTS but she motivated me and gave her best and a lot of efforts and her precious time. Thankyou so much
Ahmed Ragadia
Course - IELTS
I study in 10th grade in RBK Global school CBSE board. I study maths and science from Sarita Miss. She always gives me personalized attention and always helps me with my doubts anytime. She is really enthusiastic about teaching and gives 100% to every student. My marks have visibly improved since I started learning from her
Urja Atre
Course - 10th
As a student one always needs a guru who not only helps the student academically but also be a mentor for ones future, Sarita ma'am has been one such person in my life during my Degree college days and helped me with all her subjects, and ideating for short films and stuff. I really enjoyed learning in those years.
Vatsal Dubey
I would like to thank my teacher/Mentor Ms. Sarita for her amazing guidance and teaching who helped me to Score First Class in B.M.M. She has a wonderful knowledge and experience and knows how to explain hard things easily. She has brought out the hidden qualities in me and I've learnt great things from her. She is more of a friend along with a Teacher and a great support and I truly appreciate her efforts to bring the best out of me
Nizamuddin Vohra
Course - 12th Standard
I am Faiz Sultan from Holy Cross convent school in std 10th,1 joined Aastha academy in july for all the subjects expect marathi and was little worried about my 10th boards. But all thanks to Sarita miss she cleared all the concepts and made my base stronger and revised whole syllabus for almost more than 3 times and due to this several times of revision it became very easy for me to give my board exams without any stress and one more best thing is that she treats her students as son/daughter. lt was a really great or i would rather say best experience studying from Sarita miss.
Faiz Sultan
Course - 10th Standard
This is Parth Kosadia from Shanti Nagar High School.mumbai We had online studies in 9th std and because of online studies me and most of the students did not study for a whole year, rather I must say weren't serious for studies. During our 10th std, when our main boards was declared offline, I then Joined Aastha Academy. I had a set back of joining this academy, 5 to 6 months late. However over here I could covered most of the syllabus and also understand every subject, just because of my...one of the favourite teacher SARITA MISS! Who taught me, in this academy SARITA MISS is a teacher, who I could completely rely on. Even after joining this late, miss sat and completed my portion to the very end and I can even call her my MOTHER because of her passion towards teaching and a caring teacher. Thankyou Sarita Miss for teaching me atleast and help me prepare well before my 10th boards examination.
Parth Kosadia
Course - 10th Standard